Francis Chemorion (InsilicoTrials)

Strategies for Human-Machine Readable Data Curation

Abstract: Data curation stands at the forefront of enhancing interoperability and utility for datasets across scientific and technological domains, ensuring both human and machine readability. The intricate process involves management, preservation, and annotation of data, underpinned by a strong emphasis on metadata quality, standardized formats, and data integrity. Addressing the dual challenge of making data machine-readable through the adoption of ontologies and data schemas while also ensuring human readability with intuitive documentation and visualization, is critical for bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights. The integration of human-centric and computational approaches in data curation fosters the creation of datasets that are not only rich and versatile but also accessible to a broad spectrum of analyses and applications. Through illustrative case studies from various fields such as biomedical data management, the transformative power of effectively curated datasets is showcased. The discussion also ventures into the emerging trends and future directions in data curation, highlighting the increasing importance of collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts in enhancing the data ecosystem for a more inclusive, reliable, and insightful exploration of data. The evolving landscape calls for innovative curation practices that seamlessly blend technology and user engagement, paving the way for advancements in data-driven research and applications.

Biosketch: Francis Kiptengwer Chemorion is an experienced data professional, specializing in data curation, science, engineering, modeling, analytics, stewardship and crafting machine learning models for intricate data interpretation. Currently a PhD Candidate in Information Technology at UPF, Chemorion has led pioneering research focused on elevating data accessibility and utility within the realm of intervertebral disc degeneration studies. With a rich background as an AI Engineer at InSilicoTrials Technologies and as a seasoned consultant, he has contributed several preprints targeting leading journals. Chemorion is a vocal proponent of cutting-edge data management techniques and fervently supports the seamless integration of technology into data curation processes.