The Disc4All Early Stage Researchers (ESR) will be exposed to a large diversity of research environments including industrial, clinical, theoretical & computational, and experimental. The Governmental agency AQUAS, the technology transfer center VTT, the technology-based company PLEXALIS and the technical university with advanced genomic platform RIT, are all partner organizations acting as seconding institutions*, which greatly enriches the Disc4All ecosystem.

About 20% of the secondments bridge in silico & experimental research, 33% bridge clinical & technological research, and 40% bridge industry & academy. The important variety of Beneficiaries and individual specific trainings in Disc4All will contribute to a tremendously rich transferable skills training, with maximum positive impact on the research projects and the professional carriers of the trainees. The total duration of secondments per ESR is about 10 months, with an average of 2.7 secondments per ESR, which is possible thanks to multidisciplinary regional clusters, such as the one formed by UPF, BSC-CNS, IMIM, GALGO and AQUAS in the Barcelona area.

* Secondments are international research stays

Map of competencies and interactions
among the consortium