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  • Endplate Defect Is Heritable, Associated With Low Back Pain and Triggers Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: A Longitudinal Study From TwinsUK

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  • Strong association between vertebral endplate defect and Modic change in the general population

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  • Intervertebral Disc Biology: Genetic Basis of Disc Degeneration

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  • What low back pain is and why we need to pay attention

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  • Body mass index is associated with lumbar disc degeneration in young Finnish males: subsample of Northern Finland birth cohort study 1986.

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  • Novel genetic variants associated with lumbar disc degeneration in northern Europeans: A meta-analysis of 4600 subjects

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  • Gender difference in genetic association between IL1A variant and early lumbar disc degeneration: A three-year follow-up

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  • Lumbar disc degeneration and genetic factors are the main risk factors for low back pain in women: The UK Twin Spine Study

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  • Genetic susceptibility of intervertebral disc degeneration among young Finnish adults

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  • GDF5 single-nucleotide polymorphism rs143383 is associated with lumbar disc degeneration in Northern European women

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  • Neck and back pain and intervertebral disc degeneration: role of occupational factors

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  • Prevalence of degenerative imaging findings in lumbar magnetic resonance imaging among young adults

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  • Modic changes and interleukin 1 gene locus polymorphisms in occupational cohort of middle-aged men

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  • Genetic factors are associated with modic changes in endplates of lumbar vertebral bodies

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