Disc4All Publications

  • Simulating intervertebral disc cell behavior within 3D multifactorial environments

    Baumgartner, L., Reagh, J. J., González Ballester, M. A. & Noailly, J.

    bioRxiv (2019) doi:10.1101/2019.12.23.886887

  • ECHO, the executable CHOndrocyte: A computational model to study articular chondrocytes in healthy and disease

    Schivo, S. et al

    Cell. Signal. 109471 (2019) doi:10.1016/j.cellsig.2019.109471

  • Network-based technologies for early drug discovery

    Fotis, C., Antoranz, A., Hatziavramidis, D., Sakellaropoulos, T. & Alexopoulos, L. G

    Drug Discov. Today 23, 626–635

  • Coupled immunological and biomechanical model of emphysema progression

    Ceresa, M., Olivares, A. L., Noailly, J. & Ballester, M. A. G

    Front. Physiol. 9

  • Theoretical Explorations Generate New Hypotheses About the Role of the Cartilage Endplate in Early Intervertebral Disk Degeneration

    Ruiz Wills, C., Foata, B., González Ballester, M. Á., Karppinen, J. & Noailly, J

    Front. Physiol. 9, 1–12

  • Mechanism-based biomarker discovery

    Antoranz, A., Sakellaropoulos, T., Saez-Rodriguez, J. & Alexopoulos, L. G

    Drug Discov. Today 22, 1209–1215

  • Analysis of Uncertainty and Variability in Finite Element Computational Models for Biomedical Engineering: Characterization and Propagation

    Mangado, N., Piella, G., Noailly, J., Pons-Prats, J. & Ballester, M. Á. G

    Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. 4

  • Simulating the sensitivity of cell nutritive environment to composition changes within the intervertebral disc

    Ruiz Wills, C. et al

    J. Mech. Phys. Solids 90

  • A qualitative model of the differentiation network in chondrocyte maturation: A holistic view of chondrocyte hypertrophy

    Kerkhofs, J. et al

    PLoS One 11, 1–27

  • Virtual exploration of early stage atherosclerosis

    Olivares, A. L., González Ballester, M. A. & Noailly, J

    Bioinformatics 32, 3798–3806

  • Poroelastic modeling of the intervertebral disc: A path toward integrated studies of tissue biophysics and organ degeneration

    Malandrino, A., Jackson, A. R., Huyghe, J. M. & Noailly, J.

    MRS Bull. 40

  • On the relative relevance of subject-specific geometries and degeneration-specific mechanical properties for the study of cell death in human intervertebral disk models

    Malandrino, A. et al

    Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. 3

  • The role of endplate poromechanical properties on the nutrient availability in the intervertebral disc

    Malandrino, A. et al

    Osteoarthr. Cartil. 22, 509–518

  • Relating the Chondrocyte Gene Network to Growth Plate Morphology: From Genes to Phenotype

    Kerkhofs, J., Roberts, S. J., Luyten, F. P., Van Oosterwyck, H. & Geris, L

    PLoS One 7, e34729