Disc4All Press Releases

  • Survey: Uptake of Computational modelling and simulations in clinical practice

    Dear All, As the in silico medicine community continues to grow, there is a need to follow up on the clinical applications of Computer Modelling and Simulation (CM&S). In 2021 we conducted a first clinical survey to collect feedback from clinicians regarding their knowledge, experience and opinions on the application of CM&S in the clinical practice.

    We have now just replicated this initiative releasing a second survey that aims to involve more medical doctors worldwide.

    The survey is available at this LINK and we have it in 6 different languages (EN, DE, IT, FR, ES, NL).

    We would highly appreciate it if you could distribute the survey to your clinical colleagues. Your contribution can really make the difference in expanding the outreach of this important initiative!

    IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Who should contribute: any medical doctors of any specialties; Prerequisites: any clinician can contribute, having experience in computational modelling & simulation is not a requirement; Survey length: between 10 to 15 minutes.